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Fresh roasted beans at a quality price

Here at flying banana coffee we love three things, high quality coffee, value for money and great communication.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality green coffee beans and roasting them in our profile small batch roasting machine, providing you with high quality coffee beans, or ground. Every. Single. Time.

When you place an order with us, we save your profile in our database, and unless you want something changed with the type of roast we will use the same profile for you and this origin of beans again and again, giving you consistent quality every time. If you'd like a slightly lighter roast, a darker roast, or even a different grind coarseness we already have the bespoke high tolerance baseline for you.

Customer value is key; we will provide you with some geographical background on where your bean has started it's life, growing, development photos of the pre roasted green bean, mid roast, after roast, before and after grind. If that's what you've chosen so you're able to see the journey your daily drink has already been on.


We're excited to share the process with you.

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Roast of the week

Brazilian Santos Espresso Profile

As previously described, the graph on the left shows you the roasting profile for a Brazilian Santos bean for a filter roast.  Based on this, if you wanted any parameters in this roast changed, we will do this in your next batch.


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